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Flutter StudsFlutter Studs
Flutter Studs Sale price$ 4,100.00
Shine Triangle Solitaire PinkShine Triangle Solitaire Pink
Shine Triangle Solitaire Pink Sale price$ 3,200.00
Goddess HoopsGoddess Hoops
Goddess Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 2,200.00
Believe in love Necklace / BraceletBelieve in love Necklace / Bracelet
Believe in love Necklace / Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
I Feel Lucky PendantI Feel Lucky Pendant
I Feel Lucky Pendant Sale price$ 1,400.00
Silver Linings Earrings or PendantSilver Linings Earrings or Pendant
Silver Linings Earrings or Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00
Shine EverydayShine Everyday
Shine Everyday Sale priceFrom $ 1,350.00
Shine 2inch Green TourmalineShine 2inch Green Tourmaline
Shine 2inch Green Tourmaline Sale price$ 1,200.00
Shine Golden EarringsShine Golden Earrings
Shine Golden Earrings Sale price$ 2,000.00
Rock Candy Tourmaline ball necklaceRock Candy Tourmaline ball necklace
Mixed Tourmaline Fringe EarringsMixed Tourmaline Fringe Earrings
Pear Bypass RingPear Bypass Ring
Pear Bypass Ring Sale price$ 6,700.00
Bubbles Necklace 1
Bubbles Necklace 1 Sale price$ 7,400.00
Rock Candy Tourmaline Necklace 2Rock Candy Tourmaline Necklace 2
Rock Candy Tourmaline Necklace 2 Sale price$ 12,000.00
Malachite Emerald Drop EarringsMalachite Emerald Drop Earrings
Malachite Emerald Drop Earrings Sale price$ 5,800.00
Lapis Turquoise drop EarringsLapis Turquoise drop Earrings
Lapis Turquoise drop Earrings Sale price$ 6,800.00
Opal Chrysoprase Flower earrings 2
Opal, Chrysoprase, diamond earrings
Labradorite Shades of Pink StudsLabradorite Shades of Pink Studs
Carved Tanzanite Mixed Pink EarringsCarved Tanzanite Mixed Pink Earrings
Tanzanite mixed PinksTanzanite mixed Pinks
Tanzanite mixed Pinks Sale price$ 4,000.00
Rainbows and RosesRainbows and Roses
Rainbows and Roses Sale price$ 5,000.00
Labradorite, boulder opal, tanzanite diamond dropsLabradorite, boulder opal, tanzanite diamond drops
Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond drop Earrings with HuggieOpal, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond drop Earrings with Huggie
Vine EarringsVine Earrings
Vine Earrings Sale price$ 6,200.00
Spinel Rhodochrosite Flower dropsSpinel Rhodochrosite Flower drops
Agate EarringsAgate Earrings
Agate Earrings Sale price$ 3,300.00
Tiger Eye Mixed Pinks Fringe Drop Earrings
Australian Fire Opal NecklaceAustralian Fire Opal Necklace
Australian Fire Opal Necklace Sale price$ 6,600.00
Double love fordite earrings
Double love fordite earrings Sale price$ 2,600.00
Bubbles Small NecklaceBubbles Small Necklace
Bubbles Small Necklace Sale price$ 4,400.00
Small Love Transformer EarringsSmall Love Transformer Earrings
Small Love Transformer Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 2,000.00
“Shine” handchain
“Shine” handchain Sale price$ 4,000.00
Flutter Drop Earrings LargeFlutter Drop Earrings Large
Flutter Drop Earrings Large Sale price$ 4,880.00
Shine 2 inchShine 2 inch
Shine 2 inch Sale price$ 1,200.00
In Sync TransformerIn Sync Transformer
In Sync Transformer Sale price$ 9,000.00
Galaxy EarringsGalaxy Earrings
Galaxy Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 3,300.00
Moonrise StudsMoonrise Studs
Moonrise Studs Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Opal, Ruby Diamond drop EarringsOpal, Ruby Diamond drop Earrings
Chrysoprase, Amethyst, Opal, Diamond EarringsChrysoprase, Amethyst, Opal, Diamond Earrings
Under the SeaUnder the Sea
Under the Sea Sale price$ 6,400.00
Turquoise, Coral, Amethyst Diamond Flower Drop EarringTurquoise, Coral, Amethyst Diamond Flower Drop Earring
Shine Marquise GreensShine Marquise Greens
Shine Marquise Greens Sale price$ 7,900.00
Fordite, Turquoise Diamond drop EarringsFordite, Turquoise Diamond drop Earrings
Lapis,Opal, Emerald, Diamond EarringsLapis,Opal, Emerald, Diamond Earrings
Believe in love Opal braceletBelieve in love Opal bracelet
Believe in love Opal bracelet Sale price$ 5,400.00
Harmony Diamond HoopsHarmony Diamond Hoops
Harmony Diamond Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Chrysocolla Pinks Fringe Drop Earrings
Chrysocholla Emerald Fringe Drop Earrings
Chrysocolla, Apatite drop earringsChrysocolla, Apatite drop earrings