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Rock Candy Tourmaline ball necklaceRock Candy Tourmaline ball necklace
Wanderlust Travel RollsWanderlust Travel Rolls
Wanderlust Travel Rolls Sale price$ 45.00
Butterfly 15 LocketButterfly 15 Locket
Butterfly 15 Locket Sale price$ 7,000.00
All Diamond Mantra BraceletAll Diamond Mantra Bracelet
All Diamond Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 9,400.00
Roar Lion LocketRoar Lion Locket
Roar Lion Locket Sale price$ 4,950.00
Pink opal, Carved Ruby Diamond drop earringsPink opal, Carved Ruby Diamond drop earrings
Express Yourself Dome RingExpress Yourself Dome Ring
Express Yourself Dome Ring Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
Hamsa PendantHamsa Pendant
Hamsa Pendant Sale price$ 1,100.00
Wisdom stone ringWisdom stone ring
Wisdom stone ring Sale price$ 4,600.00
Wise Monkey Drop EarringsWise Monkey Drop Earrings
Wise Monkey Drop Earrings Sale price$ 3,700.00
Make love not war pendantMake love not war pendant
Make love not war pendant Sale price$ 1,850.00
Precious Stone Mantra BraceletPrecious Stone Mantra Bracelet
Precious Stone Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 6,100.00
Stoned HeartStoned Heart
Stoned Heart Sale price$ 3,600.00
Wise monkeys BraceletWise monkeys Bracelet
Wise monkeys Bracelet Sale price$ 2,600.00
Opal, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond drop Earrings with HuggieOpal, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond drop Earrings with Huggie
Morganite, Boulder opal diamond Earrings with HuggieMorganite, Boulder opal diamond Earrings with Huggie
Believe in Love PendantBelieve in Love Pendant
Believe in Love Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 3,600.00
Galaxy EarringsGalaxy Earrings
Galaxy Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 3,300.00
Believe in Love RingBelieve in Love Ring
Believe in Love Ring Sale priceFrom $ 2,900.00
Supernova EarringsSupernova Earrings
Supernova Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Believe in love Necklace / BraceletBelieve in love Necklace / Bracelet
Believe in love Necklace / Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
Cosmic Bar StudCosmic Bar Stud
Cosmic Bar Stud Sale priceFrom $ 750.00
Orbit studsOrbit studs
Orbit studs Sale priceFrom $ 900.00
Elongated Initial BraceletsElongated Initial Bracelets
Elongated Initial Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 1,400.00
Oval Tanzanite Diamond Harem RingOval Tanzanite Diamond Harem Ring
Horizons DropsHorizons Drops
Horizons Drops Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Golden Girl Diamond BangleGolden Girl Diamond Bangle
Golden Girl Diamond Bangle Sale price$ 6,800.00
Horizons BangleHorizons Bangle
Horizons Bangle Sale price$ 6,800.00
Horizons ringHorizons ring
Horizons ring Sale price$ 3,500.00
Shine Closure LockShine Closure Lock
Shine Closure Lock Sale price$ 1,950.00
Eternity Link Chain/ BraceletEternity Link Chain/ Bracelet
Eternity Link Chain/ Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 2,000.00
Starburst StudsStarburst Studs
Starburst Studs Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Elongated Ombre Initial PendantsElongated Ombre Initial Pendants
Elongated Ombre Initial Pendants Sale priceFrom $ 1,000.00
Zodiac PendantsZodiac Pendants
Zodiac Pendants Sale price$ 1,750.00
Swedish Fish PendantsSwedish Fish Pendants
Swedish Fish Pendants Sale priceFrom $ 2,200.00
Nesting RingNesting Ring
Nesting Ring Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00
Magic 8 Spinner PendantMagic 8 Spinner Pendant
Magic 8 Spinner Pendant Sale price$ 3,800.00
In Pieces Stack RingIn Pieces Stack Ring
In Pieces Stack Ring Sale price$ 3,400.00
Emerald Diamond Harem RingEmerald Diamond Harem Ring
Emerald Diamond Harem Ring Sale price$ 3,400.00
Find Your Joy PendantFind Your Joy Pendant
Find Your Joy Pendant Sale price$ 1,600.00
EP Diamond Circle LocksEP Diamond Circle Locks
EP Diamond Circle Locks Sale priceFrom $ 400.00
EP Open BaleEP Open Bale
EP Open Bale Sale price$ 160.00
Protect Yourself Earrings or PendantProtect Yourself Earrings or Pendant
Protect Yourself Earrings or Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 1,460.00
Celestial Harem Pinky RingCelestial Harem Pinky Ring
Celestial Harem Pinky Ring Sale price$ 2,000.00
Moon Face LockMoon Face Lock
Moon Face Lock Sale price$ 1,300.00
Harmony StudsHarmony Studs
Harmony Studs Sale priceFrom $ 400.00
Silver Linings Earrings or PendantSilver Linings Earrings or Pendant
Silver Linings Earrings or Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00
Pear Bypass RingPear Bypass Ring
Pear Bypass Ring Sale price$ 6,700.00
Harmony Diamond HoopsHarmony Diamond Hoops
Harmony Diamond Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Celeste Pinky RingCeleste Pinky Ring
Celeste Pinky Ring Sale priceFrom $ 3,600.00