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What Will Yours Say

One Word Mantra PendantsOne Word Mantra Pendants
One Word Mantra Pendants Sale priceFrom $ 935.00
Multi chain mantraMulti chain mantra
Multi chain mantra Sale priceFrom $ 8,000.00
Tattoo Candy BandsTattoo Candy Bands
Tattoo Candy Bands Sale priceFrom $ 1,400.00
Golden Mantra NecklacesGolden Mantra Necklaces
Golden Mantra Necklaces Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00
Diamond Half & Half BangleDiamond Half & Half Bangle
Diamond Half & Half Bangle Sale price$ 6,950.00
Turquoise & Diamond Mantra BraceletTurquoise & Diamond Mantra Bracelet
Turquoise & Diamond Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 6,100.00
Tiny Letters BraceletTiny Letters Bracelet
Tiny Letters Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Eden BangleEden Bangle
Eden Bangle Sale price$ 3,600.00
Tiny Letters RingTiny Letters Ring
Tiny Letters Ring Sale priceFrom $ 375.00
Elongated Initial BraceletsElongated Initial Bracelets
Elongated Initial Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 1,400.00
Ombre Half & Half BangleOmbre Half & Half Bangle
Ombre Half & Half Bangle Sale price$ 6,160.00
Elongated Ombre Initial PendantsElongated Ombre Initial Pendants
Elongated Ombre Initial Pendants Sale priceFrom $ 1,000.00
Small Font Mantra BraceletSmall Font Mantra Bracelet
Small Font Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 3,000.00
Long Tiny Letters Transformer NecklaceLong Tiny Letters Transformer Necklace
Engraved Express LockEngraved Express Lock
Engraved Express Lock Sale price$ 1,750.00
"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets
"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 1,700.00
Monogram Express Yourself lockMonogram Express Yourself lock
Monogram Express Yourself lock Sale price$ 2,000.00
Initial Harem RingInitial Harem Ring
Initial Harem Ring Sale price$ 2,800.00
More than the moon Diamond BangleMore than the moon Diamond Bangle
More than the moon Diamond Bangle Sale price$ 12,000.00
Express Yourself Word/Initial LocksExpress Yourself Word/Initial Locks
Express Yourself Word/Initial Locks Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
Stoned HeartStoned Heart
Stoned Heart Sale price$ 3,600.00
All Diamond Mantra BraceletAll Diamond Mantra Bracelet
All Diamond Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 9,400.00
Express Yourself Dome RingExpress Yourself Dome Ring
Express Yourself Dome Ring Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
Precious Stone Mantra BraceletPrecious Stone Mantra Bracelet
Precious Stone Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 6,100.00
Ombré Multi-Chain Mantra BraceletOmbré Multi-Chain Mantra Bracelet
Ombré Multi-Chain Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 5,000.00
I❤️U ID BraceletI❤️U ID Bracelet
I❤️U ID Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 3,200.00
3 Initial Bezel Chain Ring & Tiny Hearts Ring3 Initial Bezel Chain Ring & Tiny Hearts Ring
Little 3rd Eye Flip PendantLittle 3rd Eye Flip Pendant
Little 3rd Eye Flip Pendant Sale price$ 3,740.00
Tiny Letters NecklacesTiny Letters Necklaces
Tiny Letters Necklaces Sale priceFrom $ 5,500.00