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Mixed Tourmaline Fringe EarringsMixed Tourmaline Fringe Earrings
Vine Earrings
Vine Earrings Sale price$ 6,200.00
Tourmaline Dream
Tourmaline Dream Sale price$ 7,500.00
Labradorite Shades of Pink StudsLabradorite Shades of Pink Studs
Carved Tanzanite Mixed Pink EarringsCarved Tanzanite Mixed Pink Earrings
Tanzanite mixed PinksTanzanite mixed Pinks
Tanzanite mixed Pinks Sale price$ 4,000.00
Sphene ChandeliersSphene Chandeliers
Sphene Chandeliers Sale price$ 8,000.00
Large Pop Rocks StudsLarge Pop Rocks Studs
Large Pop Rocks Studs Sale price$ 5,900.00
Beaded Hoop
Beaded Hoop Sale price$ 2,600.00
Shine 2inch Green TourmalineShine 2inch Green Tourmaline
Shine 2inch Green Tourmaline Sale price$ 1,200.00
Only Love drop EarringsOnly Love drop Earrings
Only Love drop Earrings Sale price$ 4,000.00
Lapis Turquoise drop EarringsLapis Turquoise drop Earrings
Lapis Turquoise drop Earrings Sale price$ 6,800.00
Opal, Chrysoprase, diamond earrings
Opal Chrysoprase Flower earrings 2
Chrysocolla Pinks Fringe Drop Earrings
Lapis,Opal, Emerald, Diamond EarringsLapis,Opal, Emerald, Diamond Earrings
Chrysocholla Emerald Fringe Drop Earrings
Small Pop Rocks StudsSmall Pop Rocks Studs
Small Pop Rocks Studs Sale priceFrom $ 2,200.00
Boulder Opal, Tanzanite diamond earringsBoulder Opal, Tanzanite diamond earrings
Moonstone, Kyanite, Tanzanite dropsMoonstone, Kyanite, Tanzanite drops
Rainbows and RosesRainbows and Roses
Rainbows and Roses Sale price$ 5,000.00
Labradorite, boulder opal, tanzanite diamond dropsLabradorite, boulder opal, tanzanite diamond drops
Shine 2 inchShine 2 inch
Shine 2 inch Sale price$ 1,200.00
Sparkler Transform EarringsSparkler Transform Earrings
Sparkler Transform Earrings Sale price$ 6,900.00
Shine Golden EarringsShine Golden Earrings
Shine Golden Earrings Sale price$ 2,000.00
Shine HuggsShine Huggs
Shine Huggs Sale price$ 3,400.00
Love Fringe TransformerLove Fringe Transformer
Love Fringe Transformer Sale price$ 6,400.00
Roar Lion HoopsRoar Lion Hoops
Roar Lion Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 1,900.00
Shine Fringe Earrings
Shine Fringe Earrings Sale price$ 3,100.00
Divine Intervention dropsDivine Intervention drops
Divine Intervention drops Sale priceFrom $ 2,000.00
Harmony Diamond HoopsHarmony Diamond Hoops
Harmony Diamond Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Moonrise StudsMoonrise Studs
Moonrise Studs Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Supernova EarringsSupernova Earrings
Supernova Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Orbit studsOrbit studs
Orbit studs Sale priceFrom $ 900.00
Small Love Transformer EarringsSmall Love Transformer Earrings
Small Love Transformer Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 2,000.00
Starstruck Elongated HuggiesStarstruck Elongated Huggies
Starstruck Elongated Huggies Sale price$ 2,600.00
Celestial Transformer Emerald Opal Earrings
Celestial Transformer EarringsCelestial Transformer Earrings
Celestial Transformer Earrings Sale price$ 3,450.00
Shine 1.25 Green tourmalineShine 1.25 Green tourmaline
Shine 1.25 Green tourmaline Sale price$ 950.00
Horizons DropsHorizons Drops
Horizons Drops Sale priceFrom $ 2,600.00
Cosmic Bar StudCosmic Bar Stud
Cosmic Bar Stud Sale priceFrom $ 750.00
Shine 1.25
Shine 1.25 Sale price$ 950.00
Galaxy EarringsGalaxy Earrings
Galaxy Earrings Sale priceFrom $ 3,300.00
Starburst StudsStarburst Studs
Starburst Studs Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Sunrise studsSunrise studs
Sunrise studs Sale price$ 1,200.00
Peacock StudsPeacock Studs
Peacock Studs Sale priceFrom $ 600.00
Wise Monkey Drop EarringsWise Monkey Drop Earrings
Wise Monkey Drop Earrings Sale price$ 3,700.00
Goddess HoopsGoddess Hoops
Goddess Hoops Sale priceFrom $ 2,200.00
Knock on Wood Elongated HuggieKnock on Wood Elongated Huggie
Knock on Wood Elongated Huggie Sale price$ 2,900.00
Silver Linings Earrings or PendantSilver Linings Earrings or Pendant
Silver Linings Earrings or Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00