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Eden Presley Fine Jewelry

"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets
"Just Be" Mantra Diamond Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 1,800.00
16" Closure Necklace16" Closure Necklace
16" Closure Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 3,400.00
2023 Closure Necklace2023 Closure Necklace
2023 Closure Necklace Sale price$ 4,200.00
22" Closure Necklaces22" Closure Necklaces
22" Closure Necklaces Sale priceFrom $ 3,980.00
24 in. Bead and Link Chain24 in. Bead and Link Chain
24 in. Bead and Link Chain Sale price$ 1,100.00
3 Initial Bezel Chain Ring & Tiny Hearts Ring3 Initial Bezel Chain Ring & Tiny Hearts Ring
5mm Cab Closure Bracelet5mm Cab Closure Bracelet
5mm Cab Closure Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 2,700.00
Agate EarringsAgate Earrings
Agate Earrings Sale price$ 3,300.00
All Diamond Mantra BraceletAll Diamond Mantra Bracelet
All Diamond Mantra Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 9,400.00
All You Need
All You Need Sale priceFrom $ 8,800.00
Azurmalachite & Tourmaline Fan EarringsAzurmalachite & Tourmaline Fan Earrings
Baby Roar Lion PendantBaby Roar Lion Pendant
Baby Roar Lion Pendant Sale price$ 2,800.00
Save $ 400.00Beaded BraceletBeaded Bracelet
Beaded Bracelet Sale price$ 400.00 Regular price$ 800.00
Beaded HoopBeaded Hoop
Beaded Hoop Sale price$ 2,600.00
Save $ 850.00Beaded Turquoise/Moonstone Drop Necklace
Beaded Turquoise/Moonstone Drop Necklace

Beaded Turquoise/Moonstone Drop Necklace‚Ä® Sale price$ 950.00 Regular price$ 1,800.00
Believe in Love Flip RingBelieve in Love Flip Ring
Believe in Love Flip Ring Sale price$ 3,200.00
Believe in love Necklace / BraceletBelieve in love Necklace / Bracelet
Believe in love Necklace / Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00
Believe in love Opal braceletBelieve in love Opal bracelet
Believe in love Opal bracelet Sale price$ 5,400.00
Believe in Love PendantBelieve in Love Pendant
Believe in Love Pendant Sale priceFrom $ 3,600.00
Believe in Love Pig BraceletBelieve in Love Pig Bracelet
Believe in Love Pig Bracelet Sale price$ 6,000.00
Believe in Love RingBelieve in Love Ring
Believe in Love Ring Sale priceFrom $ 2,900.00
Believe PendantBelieve Pendant
Believe Pendant Sale price$ 1,850.00
Bouquet Diamond EarringsBouquet Diamond Earrings
Bouquet Diamond Earrings Sale price$ 6,280.00
Bubble Stack RingBubble Stack Ring
Bubble Stack Ring Sale price$ 1,800.00
Bubbles Necklace 1
Bubbles Necklace 1 Sale price$ 7,400.00
Bubbles Small NecklaceBubbles Small Necklace
Bubbles Small Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 4,400.00
Butterfly 15 LocketButterfly 15 Locket
Butterfly 15 Locket Sale price$ 7,000.00
Carved Aqua CrushCarved Aqua Crush
Carved Aqua Crush Sale price$ 5,400.00
Carved Tanzanite Mixed Pink EarringsCarved Tanzanite Mixed Pink Earrings
Celeste Dome RingsCeleste Dome Rings
Celeste Dome Rings Sale priceFrom $ 990.00
Celeste Pinky RingCeleste Pinky Ring
Celeste Pinky Ring Sale priceFrom $ 3,600.00
Celestial Harem Pinky RingCelestial Harem Pinky Ring
Celestial Harem Pinky Ring Sale price$ 2,000.00
Celestial Transformer EarringsCelestial Transformer Earrings
Celestial Transformer Earrings Sale price$ 3,450.00
Celestial Transformer Emerald Opal Earrings
Chrysocholla Emerald Fringe Drop EarringsChrysocholla Emerald Fringe Drop Earrings
Chrysocolla & Yellow Tourmaline Dream/Love EarringsChrysocolla & Yellow Tourmaline Dream/Love Earrings
Chrysocolla Pinks Fringe Drop Earrings
Chrysoprase, Amethyst, Opal, Diamond EarringsChrysoprase, Amethyst, Opal, Diamond Earrings
Closure BraceletsClosure Bracelets
Closure Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 3,600.00
Closure transformer necklaceClosure transformer necklace
Closure transformer necklace Sale price$ 5,400.00
Cosmic Bar StudCosmic Bar Stud
Cosmic Bar Stud Sale priceFrom $ 750.00
Delicates Sale priceFrom $ 1,000.00
Diamond Half & Half BangleDiamond Half & Half Bangle
Diamond Half & Half Bangle Sale priceFrom $ 6,950.00
Divine Intervention dropsDivine Intervention drops
Divine Intervention drops Sale priceFrom $ 2,000.00
Do all Things with Love PendantDo all Things with Love Pendant
Do all Things with Love Pendant Sale price$ 1,650.00
Double love fordite earringsDouble love fordite earrings
Double love fordite earrings Sale price$ 2,600.00
Eden BangleEden Bangle
Eden Bangle Sale price$ 3,600.00
Eden Diamond Stack RingEden Diamond Stack Ring
Eden Diamond Stack Ring Sale price$ 2,600.00
Elongated Initial BraceletsElongated Initial Bracelets
Elongated Initial Bracelets Sale priceFrom $ 1,400.00
Elongated Ombre Initial PendantsElongated Ombre Initial Pendants
Elongated Ombre Initial Pendants Sale priceFrom $ 1,000.00